12 Apr, 2018

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World Bank mission, IUCEA representatives and LUANAR staff pose for a group photo after the meeting
World Bank has hailed LUANAR’s Africa Centre of Excellence in Aquaculture and Fisheries (ACE-Aquafish) for making commendable progress in its projects.

The Centre has been commended when a team from the World Bank and Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA) visited Aquafish secretariat at LUANAR-Bunda campus on Monday, the 9th of April and Tuesday, the10th April 2018.

In welcoming the visitors on Monday, LUANAR Vice Chancellor, Professor George Kanyama Phiri, assured the visiting team that Aquafish is progressing in the Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLI’s) and that it will succeed.

He said the Centre has members of staff that are enthusiastic and that they will deliver good outcomes.

“We have a very competent staff and the project is in good hands. We are rest assured that we shall deliver and we have already started delivering.”

The Vice Chancellor went further to recognise the Malawi Government for their support through the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance.

The visiting team toured Bunda campus, where the Centre is based. During the excursion, the visitors were taken to Aquaculture and Fisheries Science Department where they appreciated the state of art facilities that are there. They also visited classrooms, students’ hostels, and went to the Department’s fish farm where they had an interaction with students who are doing different research projects in the fish value chain.

Speaking after the tour, ACE-Aquafish Director, Professor Emmanuel Kaunda thanked World Bank for their continued support towards the Centre’s projects. He said their focus is not just to be known as a Centre but to produce results.

“All we are doing here is making sure that this Centre becomes very valuable to this region so that at the end of the day, we should brag that our fish production has grown. Our focus is not only to be as a Centre. The Centre will be known if we produce results.”

Prof. Kaunda acknowledged the commitment of the Aquafish Team and hoped that within a short period of time, the Centre will achieve its goals.

On Tuesday, the World Bank held a joint meeting with ACE-Aquafish leaders. The main objective of the meeting was to check the Centre’s progress on DLI’s.

Present at the meeting were ACE-Aquafish leaders, World Bank envoy, IUCEA/RFU representatives, LUANAR staff and also other members from the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development, among others.

During the meeting, ACE-Aquafish was commended for making good progress in its projects. In his remarks, World Bank Team Leader, Dr. Philip Ayoo, said the Centre is making remarkable progress in achieving the DLI’s.

“We appreciate that you are making good progress and we hope that you will continue,” said Dr. Ayoo.

Out of the six DIL’s that Aquafish ought to achieve, the Centre has so far achieved three of them. The Centre Leaders were therefore advised on how they can overcome the challenges that the Centre is facing in its quest to achieve the remaining DLI’s.

LUANAR was approved as Africa Centre of Excellence in Aquaculture and Fisheries by the World Bank under the ACE II project and the Centre was launched in March, 2017.