About Us

About Us


To be a leading and self-sustaining agriculture, environment and natural resources management centre of excellence within Malawi and beyond.


To provide practical client-oriented quality training, consultancy and research services in agriculture, environment and natural resources management to help achieve food security and reduce poverty for sustainable social-economic development through strategic linkages with stakeholders, deployment of  state-of-the-art technologies, use of highly competent and motivate personnel and financially viable strategies.


Excellence, Integrity and Professionalism, Passion and Cooperate Citizenry, Customer Care, Team Work, Innovative and Creativity, Impartiality, Transparency and Confidentiality, Staff Development


  • To provide holistic developmental and entrepreneurial training programmes aimed at upgrading the skills, knowledge and attitudes of professionals and front line staff working in the area of sustainable development;
  • To provide solutions to client’s problems and enhance excellence in training through the generation of knowledge and information
  • To promote the dissemination and adoption of appropriate technologies for integrated agricultural, environmental and natural resources management;
  • To provide forums and opportunities for networking between the College staff and stakeholders on topical issues of mutual concern; and
  • To provide such other services as are incidental to the attainment of the objectives of the College


In its few years of existence the College has achieved the following milestones;

  • Graduated 128 students with Diplomas in Irrigation Technology, Agriculture and Land in 2004.
  • Graduated 125 students with Diplomas in Irrigation Technology, and Agriculture in 2005
  • Graduated 452 students in 2006 with Diplomas in Agriculture, and Irrigation Technology and Certificate in Land Administration.
  • Graduated 350 students in 2007 with Diplomas in Agriculture and Irrigation Technology
  • Graduated 651 students in 2008 with Diplomas in Agriculture,Irrigation Technology, Environment, Food Nutrition, Animal Health and Certificate in Land Administration